6' Drop Tarp

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    Part# 1.27206.1VP

    -Rip Stop Tarp Material, Rip Stop Parachute Fabric Material.
    -Rip Stop vinyl on the top.
    -Rip Stop parachute fabric material on the sides which has the same durability as vinyl, but a lot lighter.
    -Every single part of it manufactured in our facilities.
    -3 rows of “D” rings with the protection flaps.
    -Stainless steel D-Rings.
    -100% water proof. Heat-sealed seams supports that very well.
    -Herms give extra durability to the tarp with the 2” webbing.
    -Grommets stitched every 2’ all the way around the tarp
    -Our sets cover all 48’ or 53’ flatbed and step deck trailers.
    -6’ drop tarps highly recommended for flatbed trailers.