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Truck Trailer Pro has various products for your flatbed as Headboards, Truck Tarps (Heavy Duty Tarps), Straps (Ratchet Straps) etc.



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Heavy-Duty Tarp

What to Look for in a Heavy-Duty Tarp?  

There are many industrial and commercial applications of heavy-duty tarps. They can provide... read more

truck headboard

Is Your Headboard in Good Condition?

A headboard is an important part of a truck that ensures the security... read more

truck tarps

Need to know everything about Truck Tarps and its benefits

if you are wondering what “Truck Tarps” are and what is their importance... read more


Passion may be a friendly or eager interest in or admiration for a proposal, cause, discovery, or activity or love to a feeling of unusual excitement. Passion may be a friendly or eager or admiration for a proposal, cause discovery, or activity or love to feeling of unusual excitement. Truck Trailer Pro is leading the way in Truck and Trailer equipment industry especially with the fabric and aluminum. Our top priority is getting you, our customer the quality products that we have used and experienced for more than 15 years.

Our Products

Our warehouse is stocked with thousands of items readily available to quickly ship out to our customers. We strive to stay informed about improving our products though innovation and technology, manufacturing our own products to supply our customer’s needs. We are leading to the industry for Truck Traps(Heavy Duty Tarps, Light Duty Tarps, Steel Tarps, Coil Tarps). Headboard, Straps(All kind of winch Straps, Ratchet Straps).

Our Teams

Different than most of the e-commerce websites, we are available at our man location in Dayton/OHIO, where we have plenty of parking for your truck and trailer. Our well-trained sales team is always available to assist you We recommend that you contact a member of our sales team for your custom or wholesale order. Our Customers we care about our customers! Do you have new ideas or suggestions for our products? We would love to hear from you. Customer comments are always welcome and appreciated. Our goal is 100% customer satisfaction!

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