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Cab Rack with the Tool Box, 2 Chain Hangers, Tray (68″ x 80″)

PART# 10.6880HR.TB TruckTrailerPro Cab Racks are manufactured from high-strength premium aluminum alloys. The size is 68" H x 80" W TruckTrailerPro Headache Racks comes with; 2 Chain Hangers, 2 Half Trays, R Shelves and Mini-Vault Center Box (16x27x44) Weights 190 Lbs. without the U-Bolts Shipping: Shipped within 1 - 2 Business Days of your order. Because of their weight and dimensions all our Cab Racks have to be shipped via a freight carrier. Note: You need around 22" space on your Truck Catwalk in order to install this unit.