Lever Chain Binder 5/16″ – 3/8″ 5400# WLL

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Part# 3.LCBIN

-TruckTrailerPro transportation binder chains tested in certified testing facility, and passed all of the tests
-All of the transportation binders meet all current cargo control standards of North America
-All are Grade 70 short link transport chain and meet the standards for welded steel chain as specified by the National Association of Chain Manufacturers (NACM).
-Every single part of it manufactured in our facilities
-TruckTrailerPro Adjust Handle Ratchet binders are designed to tighten chain tie downs over a load
-TruckTrailerPro chain binders has 5,400 LBS working load limit
-Manufactured with heavy duty forged steel
-Red color
-Can be called transportation binder or chain binder.
-Easy to use and adjust
-Highly recommended for flatbed, step deck, and double drop trailers
-Recommended to take it out of service immediately if any kind of damage will be found


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