68″x80″ Cab Rack With Toolbox

We support American LABOR. All welding job is done in U.S.A.

TruckTrailerPro Cab Racks are manufactured from high-strength premium aluminum alloys.
The size of the headache rack is 68″ H x 80″ W.
Weights 190 LBS without the U-Bolts.

TruckTrailerPro Headache Racks comes with;
2 Chain Hangers (Can hold up tp 12 Chains and 12 Binders),
2 Half Trays,
R Shelves and Mini-Vault Center Box (16x27x44).

Installation kit (U-Bolt Kit) must be purchased separately.
Note: You need around 22″ space on your Truck Catwalk in order to install this unit.

Original price was: $1,700.00.Current price is: $1,500.00.

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Product Description

68″x80″ Cab Rack With Toolbox

TruckTrailerPro Cabin Racks are made of high-durability special aluminum alloys. The headache bar size is 68″H x 80″W and weighs 190 LBS without U-Bolts.

TruckTrailerPro Headache bars come with these features:

  • 2 Chain Hangers (can hold up to 12 Chains and 12 Binders),
  • 2 Half Trays,
  • R Racks and Mini-Vault Center Box (16x27x44).

The installation kit (U-Bolt Kit) must be purchased separately. Note: You must have approximately 22″ of free space in your truck’s catwalk to install this product.

More features on the TruckTrailerPro Cab Rack and Toolbox:

  • All welding is done in the United States.
  • Made from high strength aluminum alloys.
  • Durable and lightweight design.
  • Provides more storage and organization with 2 Chain Hangers.
  • Additional storage space for your belongings in the vehicle with 2 Half Trays and R Shelves.
  • The Mini-Vault Center Box is ideal for safely storing your valuables.
  • The U-Bolt Kit simplifies installation and is available separately.
  • Proudly made with American craftsmanship.

TruckTrailerPro makes your driving experience safer and more organized with its strong and durable cabin racks and toolboxes. This product is manufactured with long-lasting and high-quality materials, thus maintaining its durability under harsh transport conditions.


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