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    Special Coil Products” refers to products developed to transport specially designed coils, generally used in the metal industry. These products are designed to meet specific requirements for protecting, securing and transporting coils.

    These products may include special coil transport apparatus, coil fixing systems, coil protective coatings and special cranes used to adjust the height of the coils during transportation. Additionally, special equipment that facilitates coil handling and loading can also be included in this category.

    Special Coil Products are used in industrial applications that require high precision and generally involve the transportation of heavy and large size coils. These products enable the safe transportation of coils, reducing the risk of damage and making transportation operations more efficient and safe.

    In summary, Special Coil Products is a product category that includes specially designed coil handling and protection equipment. These products are designed to meet specific requirements for industrial use and enable the safe transport of coils.

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