Q4513RH – Double Ramp Hanger Right

Carries ramps beneath the trailer
Available in both Single and Double hangers
Order as a pair, left and right for both the single and double ramp hanger
There must be, at a minimum, 99″ of clear space to mount hangers
Ramp Hangers are complete with Keepers and Pins


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Product Description

Q4513RH – Double Ramp Hanger Right

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  • Ramps Carrying Feature: Q4513RH carries the ramps under the transport vehicle.
  • Single and Double Hanger Availability: Available in both single and double hanger options.
  • Order for Double Hangers: For single and double ramp hangers, one pair must be ordered, both left and right.
  • Minimum 99 Inch Clearance Required for Mounting: A minimum of 99 inches of clearance is required to mount the hangers.
  • Ramp Hangers Come with Keepers and Pins: Ramp hangers are fully equipped with retainers (Keepers) and pins.

The Q4513RH Dual Ramp Hitch Right Side is designed to carry ramps under the transport vehicle. Available in single and double hanger options, they must be ordered in a pair, left and right. These hangers have the minimum clearance required for mounting and come with keepers and pins.


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