G-70 Transportation Chain Hooks – Best Selling

-TruckTrailerPro transportation binder chains tested in certified testing facility, and passed all of the tests
-All of the transportation binder chains meet all current cargo control standards of North America
-Every single part of it manufactured in our facilities
-Chains have grab hooks on each end
-Yellow zinc color
-Can be called transportation chain, binder chain, binding chain, boomer chain, load chain, and also coil chain.
-Highly recommended for flatbed, step deck, and double drop trailers
-Recommended to take it out of service immediately if any kind of damage will be found


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Product Description

G-70 Transportation Chain Hooks – TruckTrailerPro Carriage Tie Down Chains

TruckTrailerPro Transportation Tie Down Chains have been rigorously tested in a certified testing facility and have proven their reliability by passing all tests successfully. All transportation tie-down chains are designed and manufactured in accordance with current North American cargo control standards. Here is detailed information about this product:

Product Features and Benefits:

  • Certified Tested Safety: TruckTrailerPro Transportation Tie Down Chains have been thoroughly tested in a certified testing facility in accordance with industry standards and have successfully completed all safety tests.
  •  Compliance with Current Cargo Control Standards: All transportation tie-down chains are designed and manufactured in accordance with North America’s current cargo control standards. This ensures legal and safe use.
  •  Every Part Manufactured in Our Own Facilities: The product is manufactured in TruckTrailerPro’s own high quality standardized facilities. This ensures that every single product is quality controlled.
  •  Hammer Hooks on Both Ends: The chains have hammer hooks on both ends, offering the possibility to securely tie down loads.
  •  Yellow Zinc Color: The product is designed in yellow zinc color, which increases its resistance to corrosion and ensures long-term durability.
  •  Various Nomenclature: These chains can be called as transport chain, lashing chain, lashing chain, boomer chain, load chain and also coil chain.
  •  Highly Recommended for Flatbed, Step Deck and Double Drop Trailers: These chains are highly recommended for a wide range of trailers and offer a suitable solution for various transportation needs.
  •  Immediate Removal from Service in Case of Any Damage: If damage of any kind is detected, it is highly recommended that the chain be removed from service immediately.


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