Rip Stop Material 6′ Drop Heavy Duty Tarp Set Black Color (2 Pieces)

Part# 1.TARP62.1VP

-Comes as a set which includes 2 of the 27×20 Super Light Heavy Duty Tarps.
-Rip Stop Tarp Material, Rip Stop Parachute Fabric Material
-Every single part of it manufactured in our facilities.
-Rip Stop vinyl on the top, and the flap.
-Rip Stop parachute fabric material on the sides which has the same durability as vinyl, but a lot lighter.
-3 rows of “D” rings with the protection flaps.
-Stainless steel D-Rings.

-100% water proof. Heat-sealed seams supports that very well.
-Herms give extra durability to the tarp with the 2” webbing.
-Grommets stitched every 2’ all the way around the tarp.
-This set covers all 48’ or 53’ flatbed and step deck trailers.
-6’ drop tarps highly recommended for flatbed trailers.


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Product Description

Rip Stop Material 6′ Drop Heavy Duty Tarp Set Black Color (2 Pieces) Part# 1.TARP62.1VP Review


Part# 1.TARP62.1VP is offered as a set that comes with 2 pcs 27×20 Super Light Heavy Duty Cranes. This product is manufactured using Rip Stop Tarp Material and Rip Stop Parachute Fabric Material, each part is manufactured in our own facilities. The features of the product are as follows:

Key Features:


  • Super Lightweight Design: Featuring 2 27×20 Super Light Heavy Duty Winches, this set features a lightweight design while offering high durability.
  • Rip Stop Tarp Material: Rip Stop vinyl material is used on the top and cover, which increases durability and provides resistance to tears.
  • Rip Stop Parachute Fabric Material: Rip Stop parachute fabric material used on the sides is as durable as vinyl but much lighter.
  • 3 Row “D” Ring with Protection Flap: The product has 3 rows of “D” rings and they are supported by protection flaps.
  • Stainless Steel “D” Ring: Stainless steel “D” rings promote durability and long-lasting use.
  • 100% Waterproof: Heat sealed seams perfectly support the waterproofness of the product.
  • Extra Durability with Herms: 2-inch webbing (Herms) gives the product extra durability.
  • One Stitched Eye Every 2 Feet: One stitched eye every 2 feet around the tarp is ideal for secure anchoring.
  • Wide Coverage: This set fully covers 48 or 53 feet flat beds and step trailers.
  • 6 Feet Drop Tarp Recommendation: 6 feet drop tarp recommended for flat bed trailers.
  • Black Color: Black color for a sleek and professional look.


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