Starter 39MT Type Rotatable

Part# 178.391211R

39MT, 12V, 11 Teeth, Clock Wise Rotation, Rotatable Flange
Pinion Pitch 6/8 and 82 Solenoid Position


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Product Description

Starter 39MT Type Rotatable Review

Part# 178.391211R is a starter that stands out with its powerful performance and flexible design. Featured with 39MT type, 12V power supply, 11 gear wheel system, clockwise rotation and rotatable flange, this starter offers a reliable and effective motor starting solution.

Key Features:

  • 39MT Technology: 39MT type starter technology provides powerful and fast engine starting, especially suitable for heavy-duty vehicles.
  • 12V Power Supply: The 12 volt power supply provides sufficient energy to the starter, guaranteeing reliable performance.
  • 11 Gear Impeller System: The 11-tooth gear system offers a fast and efficient gear engagement, allowing the motor to start quickly.
  • Clockwise Rotation: The starter features clockwise rotation, which provides optimal operating orientation of the motor.
  • Rotatable Flange: The rotatable flange feature allows the starter to adapt to various motor configurations.
  • Pinion Pitch 6/8: The 6/8 pinion system optimizes the gear engagement of the starter for more efficient operation.
  • 82 Solenoid Positions: 82 solenoid positions ensure the correct positioning of the starter, ensuring a smooth starting process.


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