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Part# 1.1860.V Tarp Repair Beginner Kit (Vinyl)

Kit includes those items;
1)18″x60″ Rip Stop Vinyl Material
2)Quarter Gallon HH-66 Vinyl Cement


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Product Description

Tarp Repair Starter Kit (Vinyl) Part# 1.1860.V Review

Part# 1.1860.V Tarp Repair Starter Kit (Vinyl) offers a comprehensive kit to help you easily repair your vinyl tarps and covers. This starter kit includes durable Rip Stop vinyl material and Quarter Gallon HH-66 Vinyl Cement, an effective adhesive.

Kit Includes:

  • 18″x60″ Rip Stop Vinyl Material: 18 “x60”, a tough and durable material for your repairs. Rip Stop vinyl adapts to various awning and cover sizes.
  • Quarter Gallon HH-66 Vinyl Cement: Quarter Gallon HH-66 Vinyl Cement, a high-performance adhesive, provides reliable bonding of vinyl material. With its fast drying feature, you can make fast and effective repairs.

Starter Kit Advantages:

  • Easy to Use: The kit contains the basic materials you need for tarp repairs and is extremely easy to use.
  • Durable Material: Rip Stop vinyl material ensures durability and long-lasting use.
  • Quick Repair: Quarter Gallon HH-66 Vinyl Cement allows you to make quick and effective repairs with its fast drying properties.
  • Various Applications: The kit can be used on various types of awnings and covers, offering a wide range of applications.


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