What to Look for in a Heavy Duty Tarp?

What to Look for in a Heavy Duty Tarp?

What to Look for in a Heavy Duty Tarp? There are many industrial and commercial applications of heavy duty tarps. They can provide coverage to luggage in the truck, cars, and other gear transporting vehicles. You can use them as coverings on floors, truck beds, and driveways, and they can also be used for camping gear and protect against rain and other environmental hazards

What should be in a good tarp?  

 There is a wide variety of tarps in the market. However, there are few things to be kept in mind before choosing any heavy-duty tarp. This is important to determine whether a tarp is heavy-duty or not through the following factors.  

Mesh count  

The mesh count of a heavy-duty tarp should be high and should have a heavy-duty thread shaft. The tarp should have a thick poly coating. The weight of the canvas of heavy-duty tarp should be heavy.  


The fiber of the tarp should be dense. It should contain a considerable thickness of the thread. The thickness should be at least five mils.  

Resistant to UV  

Your heavy-duty tarp should have the capability to handle exposure to sunlight. It should play the role of a shield for ultraviolet radiation from getting in.  


The quality of the tarp should be given prime importance before choosing any heavy-duty tarp. You must look for some lightweight tarp for ease of use and convenience. Moreover, it should be durable and can handle extreme weather conditions.  

Wear and tear-resistant  

The gear that you need to cover with the heavy-duty tarp comes in various shapes and forms. Some have sharp edges that can cause the tearing of the tarp covering them. You must look for the one with minimum to no wear and tear damage.  

Tarp type  

 It is also essential to choose the tarp of the type that best meets your needs. Following are some of the main types of tarp  

  • Poly tarp  
  • Canvas tarp  
  • Vinyl tarp  
  • Steel tarp  
  • Parachute tarp  
  • PVC tarp  

Tarp color  

The role of colors could not be ignored while choosing the best heavy-duty tarp for your gear. Tarps in dark colors like black, green, and silver are more soothing and cooling than those in bright colors like yellow and white.  

Convenient to use  

The most important thing that should be considered while purchasing heavy-duty tarp is the ease of usage for easy installation of tarps. You need to buy grommets with tarps.  

However, it is also essential to look for the application of the heavy-duty tarp. When you know the purpose of buying a tarp, you can choose the one according to your purpose’s requirement.  

Applications of tarp  

You can use a tarp for your agricultural, commercial, industrial, or household need. The applications include  

  • Coverage of the gear on vehicles.  
  • For camping 
  • Covering roof 
  • Protection against sunlight  
  • For keeping outdoor equipment safe from environmental hazards. 
  • Covering woods and hay.   

These are some applications that you should always keep in mind before purchasing any tarp because the tarps’ requirements in each case are different.  

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23 August 2022

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