Best Straps for Maintaining the Safety of Truckload

Best Straps for Maintaining the Safety of Truckload

You travel long distances with goods and luggage to transport on the way. You need to make sure the safety of items loaded in your vehicle. For this purpose, you need to have tie-down straps in your vehicle at all times. Depending upon a different kind of gear that you are loading, there are many types of tie-down straps. Let us have a look into the detail of each strap.

Ratchet Straps

2″x30′ Red Color Ergo Ratchet Strap With The Double J Hook

2″x30′ Red Color Ergo Ratchet Strap With The Double J Hook

Ratchet straps can help you make sure that your gear is fastened in the securest way in the vehicle. You can secure your heavy load using these straps. It doesn’t matter at all if your equipment is loaded on the roof of the vehicle or trailer. It is particularly designed to ensure the protection of your heavy equipment.

If you want to tie heavy load by using straps, it is recommended to analyze the load rating of ratchet straps. It is essential always to use a stronger strap than the one required to tie-down your oversized equipment. It won’t take much time to learn to use straps. However, the time is worth the benefit that these straps offer.

Lashing Straps

If your tying-down job is not accomplished through the ratchet straps, then you need to experience the lashing straps, as this is where lashing straps come into action. These are convenient to use and don’t take time to learn to tie-down the  straps, as it is required in case of ratchet straps. They provide more protection to your gear that it even avoids the damage that your equipment may face in the case of ratchet straps. Lashing straps are the best service if you are looking to load surfboards or cargo bins. You always need to keep a few lashing straps in your vehicle to use in the hour of need.

Bungee Cords

These straps are versatile and can wrap versatile cargo of almost all sizes, and shapes. However, it is suggested to not use bungee cords for securing the gear that can fell down the trailer. Bunge cords are recommendable to use for lightweight load, like for wrapping and protecting tarps.

Nylon Rope

These ropes are very effective for wrapping and securing even heavy loads and can compete with the above-mentioned straps. If you know about tying-down  a couple of knots, you are good to go with the nylon rope. If you see the power hitch, you are good to use this strap for every kind of gear.


Stractchits are the power straps that not only provide strength to your gear but also offer ease provided by lashing straps and the versatility provided by bungee cords. These are highly adjustable and can be adjusted from 22 inches to 63 inches. Stratchits are best for securing gear like firewood, furniture , etc.

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15 January 2022

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