Bluetooth™ Enabled Right Weigh 201-EBT-01 Exterior Digital Load Scale – 1 HCV

Part# 201-EBT-01

Right Weigh’s 201-EBT-01 Bluetooth Exterior Digital load scale is designed for any air suspension axle group with one height control valve. After both an empty and loaded calibration has been performed at a certified ground scale, the gauge will reliably display the on-the-ground axle group weight in pounds or kilograms. When properly calibrated and used, Right Weigh’s on-board load scales are the most valuable tool available for maintaining safe and legal axle weights.

*This gauge must be mounted inside a weather resistant enclosure, such as a toolbox, to protect it from the elements. See part number 201-EBT-01B for the same gauge already mounted in a Right Weigh protective enclosure.

Corresponding Air Line Installation Kit (NOT INCLUDED): 201-SK (Covers the installation from the back of the load scale to an axle group’s air suspension system)

On-the-ground axle group weight is displayed in pounds or kilograms on a digital display on an easy-to read digital display
Utilizes a simple two-point (empty & loaded) calibration process to make it more accurate than a standard analog gauge
Bluetooth-Enabled to display your weights on your Android or iOS device in real time, download our free app on Google play and the App Store
Can calculate an estimated steer axle weigh if used to monitor a tractor’s drive axle group
Up to four sets of calibration data can be stored for axle groups that have multiple operating configurations
Programable 5-digit PIN code and visual overweight warning


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