Tips from TruckTrailerPro: How to Keep Your Truck Clean

How to Keep Your Truck Clean

Maybe we weren’t paying attention in our previous lives, but now the age has changed. Since the coronavirus is strong enough to change our ways of living, it will be very comfortable for us to apply what we must do rather than oppose it. We will now need to consciously take many actions that we did not pay attention to in the past.

This is so in all sectors. For example, when you are tired, you should also stop touching your face or rub your eyes. According to the WHO (World Health Organization), the virus can be passed directly by one of two people who come into close contact and when an infected person coughs or sneezes. But don’t let this relax you. It is also dangerous to touch a contaminated surface or object and then touch your own mouth, nose or eyes, so you should take each step carefully…

Current evidence suggests that the virus can live on different surfaces for hours or even days. Therefore, you may want to clean the buttons, seats and surfaces inside the vehicle. In fact, almost every surface inside the cabin, even the door handles, are dangerous places. Before starting the driving shift, wipe all surfaces you can touch with a suitable cleaning product or hot soapy water. Bedding and bed linen should also be washed regularly. It is essential to use hot water when cleaning because according to the instructions, dirty laundry must be rinsed with hot water to prevent the virus from spreading into the air.

If your vehicle has an electronic device inside, you may want to consider using erasable covers. You can use alcohol-based wipes or sprays containing at least 70% alcohol to disinfect the screens. However, to avoid damaging the screens, do not spray liquids directly onto the device.

It is advisable to leave the windows open before driving or servicing the truck. Technicians should wear protective gloves or wipe surfaces thoroughly, especially when servicing the vehicle such as door handles, steering wheel and gear changes. After the work is completed, they should wash their hands thoroughly.

Technicians will not be preferred to enter the cabinets unless they must do repair and maintenance issues furniture. TravelCenters of America technical service manager Homer Hogg said, “Drivers start the engine, turn on the lamps, signals, wipers, adjust the brakes, etc. We want him to stay in the cabin to complete the missions.” Hogg says that technicians will wear gloves and follow the rules if they must. “We also instructed our technicians to use frequent and appropriate hand washing techniques and to stay home if they feel sick.”

To summarize, after touching any object that you think is not clean, take precautions and wash your hands thoroughly. And please do not touch your face, eyes and mouth.

Take care~

Truck Trailer Pro
27 May 2022

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