Steel Corner Protector With Rubber Backing

-TruckTrailerPro corner protectors tested in certified testing facility, and passed all of the tests
-All of the TruckTrailerPro corner protectors meet all current cargo control standards of North America
-Every single part of it manufactured in our facilities
-Made from high density steel and rubber inside
-The rubber inside designed to not hurt your load
-Designed to protect cargo from damage caused by chains
-Great to equal distributes strap pressure along entire length
-Designed to be lighter than other chain corner protectors
-Great stability with extreme temperatures


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Product Description

Steel Corner Protector With Rubber Backing – TruckTrailerPro corner protectors have been tested in certified testing facilities and passed all tests. All TruckTrailerPro corner guards meet all current North American load control standards. Each part is produced in our facilities. It is made of high density steel and rubber inside. The rubber inside is specially designed to prevent damage to your load. Designed to prevent damage from chains. It is an excellent option to distribute belt pressure evenly along the entire length. It is designed to be lighter than other chain corner guards. It has great stability even in extreme temperatures.


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